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Retiree Dental, Vision, & Audio Enrollment

Learn what changes are coming during the annual enrollment for Dental, Vision and Audio benefits for retirees.

Effective in plan year 2020, AlaskaCare began offering two retiree dental plan options, the Legacy Dental Plan, and the Standard Dental Plan. If you are enrolled in either plan, you have an annual opportunity to select the plan that works best for you. You will only be able to make changes to your plan selection during an open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying status change.

If you have questions about your options, please contact the Member Service Center.

Need More Information?

The Benefit Comparison and Dental Benefit Enrollment Guide containing monthly premium information and coverage comparisons is available online. You can view the information here:

The annual Open Enrollment period is . As a State of Alaska retiree and AlaskaCare member, you know that maintaining your health is important, and keeps you able to enjoy life after employment. Be sure to review your current benefit elections and make changes to your plan selections for the upcoming benefit year. Some options do not carry over from year to year and will need to be selected again for the following year. Choose the best Dental-Vision-Audio (DVA) option that suits your needs.

Changing your coverage before Open Enrollment ends

You may change your mind about any benefit choices as long as you re-enroll in your final choices before the enrollment deadline. Reminder: each time you re-enroll, a new enrollment is processed. The previous enrollment will no longer exist. Make sure to re-select each of your elections and print your confirmation page for your records.

Qualifying Events

After open enrollment ends at 5 p.m. on the last day of the enrollment period you will not be able to make changes to your benefits. Make certain you have elected coverage that is the right fit for your health.

After open enrollment, you can only make changes in conjunction with a qualified status change or other applicable event. Examples can include a change in your legal marital status or the birth of a child. You must make changes and report most qualifying status changes or other applicable events within 30 calendar days from the event.

You can access the Online Benefits Enrollment portal to make open enrollment elections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from at 5 p.m. Alaska Time.

During DVA Enrollment you should:

  • Learn: Learn about the open enrollment process

  • Verify: Verify your eligibility to participate in open enrollment

  • Compare: Compare your options for dental benefits in the DVA plans

  • Enroll: Enroll in the plan of your choice

Enrollment Instructions

  • The online enrollment form is completed in four easy steps. Click Get Started to begin!

    1. Step 1: Learn

      Open enrollment begins with important reminders about your plan options, eligibility information, and where to find answers if you have questions. After reviewing the information, click the Next button to move on.

    2. Step 2: Verify

      You will be prompted to enter information to verify that you are eligible to enroll. Enter the information and click on Check Eligibility:

      • If your eligibility was confirmed, you will see the message: Eligibility Verified! Confirm or update your contact information and click the Next button.
      • If your eligibility was not confirmed, you will see the message: Unable to Verify. If the system is unable to verify your identity, please contact the Member Service Center.
    3. Step 3: Compare

      Review the monthly premium rates, the benefit comparison table, and your plan booklet to decide which plan is best for you. After reviewing the information, click the Next button to move on.

    4. Step 4: Enroll

      Make your plan election, choose your coverage level, and click Enroll. Be sure to print your confirmation page for your records.

  • If you need to update your dependent information, complete the Retiree Health Dependent Change Form provided on this page and submit it to the Division of Retirement and Benefits.

  • If you click on the Exit to AlaskaCare website button, you will close the enrollment site. Congratulations! You have successfully completed your AlaskaCare DVA open enrollment!

Enrollment must be made online. If you experience technical difficulties while trying to enroll, contact the Member Service Center.

AlaskaCare retiree DVA plan members have a choice between the Standard Dental Plan and the Legacy Dental Plan for the benefit year. You can choose the plan that works best for you and your family.

Standard Plan

  • Features an additional dental network with deeper discounts that save you more money when you use a network dentist. This allows you to receive coverage for more services before you reach your annual benefit maximum.
  • Supports evidence-based coverage limitations, including those developed by the American Dental Association, such as frequency and age limitations for exams, cleanings, and periodontal maintenance.
  • Pays less if you visit an out-of-network dentist.
  • Has lower premiums.

Legacy Plan

  • Does not have pre-determined frequency or age limitations on most services.
  • Features a wide dental network that saves you money when you use a network dentist.
  • Pays out-of-network dentists at a higher rate.
  • Has higher premiums.

Plan Similarities

  • Both plans have the same annual benefit maximum: $2,000.
  • Both plans provide coverage for dental preventive, restorative, and prosthetic services.
  • Both plans have the same coinsurance levels:
    • Class I (Preventive): 100%
    • Class II (Restorative): 80%
    • Class III (Prosthetic): 50%
  • Both plans have the same annual deductible: $50 per individual (Class II and III Services).
  • Both plans are fully funded by member premiums.
  • Vision and audio benefits are the same.
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