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Health Fairs

For AlaskaCare Employee and Retiree plan members and their dependents.

The AlaskaCare Health Plan, in partnership with the Pacific Health Coalition, is offering Health Fairs this fall in five Alaskan cities. Health Fairs give AlaskaCare plan participants easy access to flu shots as well as convenient blood screening, prostate disease screening, thyroid screening, Vitamin D testing, and other preventive care services at reduced rates.

Online Registration is now open!

Pre-registration is REQUIRED at all locations and for all services.

Pre-Register Online


September 24, 2022
Mat-Su Regional Medical Center
2500 S. Woodworth Loop
Palmer, Alaska 99645

Fairbanks CLOSED

September 24 and 25, 2022
Carlson Center
2010 2nd Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701


October 8, 2022
Central Peninsula Medical Center
250 Hospital Place
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Additional time slots for lab tests are available

Anchorage CLOSED

October 9, 2022
Romig Middle School
2500 Minnesota Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


October 16, 2022
Centennial Hall
101 Egan Drive
Juneau, Alaska 99801

  1. All AlaskaCare Employee and Retiree plan members and their spouses and dependent children must present an AlaskaCare Health Plan insurance card with their name on it to the AlaskaCare registration table to access services at the health fair.

    The AlaskaCare health plan insurance card has “AlaskaCare” printed above the logo at top right with “Health Plan” beneath the logo. This is the only way registration staff at the health fair will have to verify a member’s eligibility. It’s helpful if members have their cards out and ready as they approach the registration table.

  2. Face masks are optional to receive services at the Health Fairs but be prepared to wear a mask in congested areas.

  3. This year, the comprehensive lab tests being provided are:
    • Chemistry/Hematology Profile (includes A1C): This screens the kidney function, liver enzymes, electrolyte (salt) imbalance, diabetes, tissue disease or damage, coronary heart disease and more.
    • Thyroid Screen: The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) screening tests thyroid function. The thyroid gland regulates the way the body uses energy.
    • Prostate Disease Screen (PSA): The PSA is a blood test primarily used to screen for prostate cancer. This test is offered to men 40 years of age and older.
    • Vitamin D Screening: Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of heart disease, and is also linked to high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
    There are no charges for lab services provided at the health fairs.

  4. Flu shots will be available. Quadrivalent flu shots are available for health plan participants age 9 and older.

  5. The pre-registration website is scheduled to open for participant pre-registration beginning August 8, 2022. Pre-registration can be completed online only. Health fair services are limited to members who successfully use the online tool to complete pre-registration and receive an appointment. Each eligible member, age 18 and over, who would like an appointment for a Comprehensive Lab Test must pre-register and schedule an appointment by no later than midnight 7 days before the Health Fair you wish to attend.

  6. AlaskaCare is participating only on the health fair dates listed above. AlaskaCare members will not be able to participate on any alternate health fair dates that the Coalition offers. Those dates are reserved for other plans.

  7. Pre-registration is scheduled to close no later than the Sunday before each health fair and will close early if a date reaches maximum capacity. There is a maximum capacity for each day based on:
    • the number of blood draws that can be accomplished per hour; and
    • the number of people that the space can hold. Once capacity is reached for any day, registration closes for that day.
  8. Pre-registration is essential because it reduces participant waiting time by:
    • allowing organizers to prepare members’ flu shot forms, lab forms, and barcode labels for their lab specimens before the morning of the fair;
    • helping organizers ensure the correct amount of supplies are carried in for each day; and
    • enabling organizers to provide each member with an appointment.

  9. When members arrive at the health fair, they should proceed to the AlaskaCare registration table designated to service them alphabetically by the first letter of their last name. (If you have family members with different last names, please have them go to the appropriate line that corresponds to the first letter of their last name.) The registration table staff will verify each member’s eligibility from their AlaskaCare Health Plan insurance card (which must have the name of the person registering). Once verified as plan members, participants will be given their lab and flu forms and specimen barcodes to proceed to the lab and flu shot lines.

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