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Premera: Experian Credit Monitoring

March 23, 2015

On March 17, 2015 Premera Blue Cross /Blue Shield reported a security breach which may have resulted in the loss of sensitive personal information about current and former clients. Premera is providing two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through Experian to affected individuals. The Division of Retirement and Benefits has collected the following information regarding Experian's services. More information about the breach may be found on our fact sheet as well as

What credit monitoring products are being offered?

Premera Blue Cross is providing two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft prevention services from Experian. To receive these services, you must enroll by September 30, 2015. For affected individuals over the age of 18, Premera Blue Cross is providing a free two-year membership in ProtectMyID® from Experian. Once your ProtectMyID membership is activated, your credit report will be monitored daily for 50 leading indicators of identity theft. You will receive Credit Alerts from ProtectMyID on any key changes in your credit report which could include new inquiries, new credit accounts, medical collections and changes to public records. Experian's ProtectMyID provides identity theft protection that will help detect and resolve potential identity theft. In the case that identity theft is detected, ProtectMyID will assign a dedicated U.S.-based Identity Theft Resolution Agent who will walk you through the process of fraud resolution. Once you are enrolled in ProtectMyID, you will also receive ExtendCare, which provides continued fraud resolution support.

For affected individuals with minor children or dependents, Premera Blue Cross is providing a complimentary two-year membership in Family Secure® from Experian. Once your Family Secure membership is activated, Family Secure monitors your Experian credit report to notify you of key changes as well as monthly "no hit" reports. In addition, Family Secure will tell you if your minor has a credit report, a potential sign that his or her identity has been stolen. In the case that identity theft is detected, Family Secure will assign a dedicated U.S.-based Identity Theft Resolution Agent who will walk you through the process of fraud resolution from start to finish for seamless service.

How do I enroll in the credit monitoring services?

Instructions on how to enroll in the complimentary two year credit monitoring and identity theft prevention services can be found at or You can also enroll by calling 888-451-6558. Please provide engagement #: PC92585 (for Adults – ProtectMyID) and PC92586 (for Minors – Family Secure).

Do I need an activation code to enroll in services?

No, you do not need an activation code to enroll in services.

When I try to sign up for Family Secure, I am being asked for an activation code.

You do not need an activation code to sign up for Family Secure. If your browser is Internet Explorer, please try Google Chrome or Firefox and you should be able to sign up without being requested an activation code.

Should I sign up for both ProtectMyId (PMID the adult product) and Family Secure for my children?

Yes. They provide different coverage for the persons signing up.

Should my spouse sign up for ProtectMyId (PMID the adult product) in addition to me? Are we both automatically signed up?

Each adult should sign up for ProtectMyId (PMID the adult product).

Why do I need to provide a Social Security number to Experian?

Experian needs specific personal information in order to enroll you in credit monitoring and to confirm that you are who you say you are. Without this information, Experian can't access your credit file in order to monitor it.

For how long will credit monitoring services last?

The credit monitoring services will be provided, free-of-charge, for two years. You have until September 30, 2015 to enroll in the complimentary credit monitoring product.

What happens after 2 years of Experian monitoring and protection?

Individuals who signed up for Experian services through Premera can choose to continue those services for a fee. However, the service being provided by Premera does include ExtendCare, which gives individuals access to Fraud Resolution services even after their ProtectMyID enrollment has ended.

Fraud resolution agents specialize in:

  • Working directly with members from beginning to end to help resolve identity theft once their membership begins and long after it expires.
  • Placing a temporary 90-day or extended seven-year fraud alert on consumers' Experian credit reports, as requested, to help stop fraudulent new accounts from opening.
  • Sharing the fraud alert with the Equifax® and TransUnion® credit bureaus.
  • Assisting with the dispute process for inaccurate information or fraudulent activity on Experian credit reports.
  • Drafting and providing dispute letters for members to report credit fraud to Equifax and TransUnion.
  • Assisting in scheduling conference calls with financial providers, creditors and service providers to dispute fraudulent charges and accounts.
  • Working with financial providers, creditors and medical insurers to help cancel and replace lost, stolen or compromised cards for ProtectMyID Elite members.
  • Interacting with law enforcement or government agencies to work toward a resolution and assist with filing a police report, if possible.
  • Providing copies of all necessary letters to report credit fraud and identity theft to creditors, credit reporting agencies or others who may be involved in the process of reclaiming the member's identity.
  • Reviewing credit records to help members determine potential areas of fraud.

What happens if my info was used prior to signing up for Experian services?

Experian services will cover you as far back as the date of the initial attack on Premera's systems.

Can you provide resources or best practices on how to protect your medical identity?

We recommend individuals regularly review their Explaination of Benefits (EOBs), if they see services listed that they have not yet received then they should contact Premera immediately.

How can a hacker use my medical and claims info?

There's no evidence that any such data was removed from our systems or has been used inappropriately. We recommend that individuals monitor their EOBs and also exercise caution when responding to unsolicited emails or phone calls from organizations regarding their medical or claims information.

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