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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Third Party Administrator, Medical and Dental (TPA)

Posted December 1, 2017

The Division of Retirement and Benefits manages the AlaskaCare Employee and Retiree health plans, including the Retiree Dental Vision and Audio plan. The Division relies on contractors, known as Third-Party Administrators (TPA) to perform various functions essential to the daily operations of the plans. These include claims processing and payment, access to a network of providers, customer service representatives, and other critical tasks.

Periodically, the Division puts these contractual services out to a bid through a Request For Proposal (RFP). This gives the Division an opportunity to evaluate different vendor’s ability to meet the membership and the plans’ priorities as they evolve over time.

The Division is focusing on issuing the following procurements outlined below through the Best Value Process. More information about the process will be provided upon release of the respective RFP.

  • Third Party Administrator Medical and Dental RFP – The medical and dental TPA provides services specific to managing medical and dental health plans for the employee and retiree plans.

This webpage will be updated periodically as more information is provided. If you have any specific questions about the procurement, please contact Eric Verrelli at (907) 465-5674 or

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