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Richard Patton

Richard Patton Richard Patton retired in 2012 after 37 years in public education, 13 of which were spent in Alaska as a principal, teacher, special education director, superintendent, and more. Richard lived and worked in Homer, Point Hope, Mountain Village, and Fairbanks with his wife of 43 years, who also worked in the public school system and on an oil rig in the North Slope.

Richard is a talented musician and has performed at a wide variety of venues, including weddings, festivals, benefits, private parties, and more. He also has played widely in retirement homes as a fun way of giving back to his community. He sings and plays guitar, saxophone, blues harmonica, and slide guitar. He is a solo act that uses a loop station pedal to digitally record his accompaniment while he sings.

Richard and his wife enjoy traveling, taking trips to Thailand, Nepal, India, Cambodia, and Bali, as well as some trips throughout the United States. They currently live in Omaha, Nebraska, close to their children and grandchildren. They purchased a home on an urban lake and spent Richard's first two years of retirement remodeling it. They now enjoy boating, water skiing, and all the fun activities lake life provides.

The pandemic made performing his music difficult, so Richard has filled the gap by volunteering his time, helping schools and families, and substitute teaching a couple of days a week. He has enjoyed being back in school again. While retirement has been wonderful, Richard finds he misses schools, children, teachers, and the opportunity to contribute. During his working years, Richard spent many hours in classrooms doing fun musical activities, helping students learn and improve their skills.

Richard encourages those that are still working to enjoy what they are doing and the contributions they make daily, even if it’s demanding, difficult, and too often discouraging and seldom acclaimed.

"The evidence is clear. You are making the world better. Honor the past, relish the moment, and plan for the future. I cherish the many years I spent in this unique state. I would love to hear from the many wonderful friends we made in our 13 years in Alaska."

You can listen to Richard's music on his website, .

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